Important Information for YSS Lessons Students

July 6, 2017

We have been deeply touched by the outpouring of enthusiasm and support for the new edition of the YSS Lessons scheduled for release later this year.

The new edition of the Lessons distills the most essential principles of the Yogoda path into a more organized and focused presentation; the techniques and other key subjects will be consolidated into one comprehensive Lesson each – instead of being spread out over many separate Lessons. The revised Lessons include Paramahansaji’s clarifications and elaboration on the Kriya Yoga science, as well as a significant amount of his unpublished writings.

Confirmation of Your Membership Information Needed
The availability of the revised Lessons presents a unique opportunity to renew your relationship with the Guru and study of the YSS teachings, regardless of whether you have already received all the current Lessons, or are at present receiving them. If you would like to subscribe to the new edition of the YSS Lessons when they are released later this year, the process will be significantly expedited if you could please verify your membership information (YSS Lessons Registration number, mailing address, phone number, and email address) on our online portal ( as soon as possible. In case you already have a digital account which you have used for Sharad Sangam registration, the same userid, and password will be valid for this portal. If you do not already have an account on our online membership portal, we encourage you to visit the portal, and create one now. You may then verify your membership information.

If we have your email address in our records, you should have received a personalized email to help you with the verification process. If you have not received it, please check in your Spam folder. If you have already verified your account, then you need not do it again. If you need any help with the verification process, you may call us during regular working hours on +91 (651) 6655 555; or email us at You may also refer to the FAQ for help.

It is a source of great joy to witness how many around the globe have been profoundly inspired and transformed by the teachings of our beloved Gurudeva, and to welcome into his spiritual family those that are yet to come.  May God and the Gurus bless you always.

Newsletter & Appeal for the new edition of Yogoda Satsanga Lessons

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