Newsletter & Appeal for the new edition of Yogoda Satsanga Lessons

February 6, 2017

The Yogoda Satsanga Lessons were envisioned by Paramahansaji as the primary vehicle for accomplishing the sacred mission of the worldwide dissemination of India’s ancient Kriya Yoga science for the spiritual upliftment of all humanity. The Lessons are unique among Paramahansaji’s published works, in that they give his in-depth instructions in the actual yoga techniques of God-realization, including Kriya Yoga. In this appeal, we are happy to share with you information regarding the new edition of Lessons-a comprehensive enhancement and expansion of the current edition, and the print equipment that is being procured to publish them.

We request your support in helping us raise a total of Rs 6 crores for the purchase and maintenance of the necessary printing equipment; renovation of the Lessons Department building to house the printing and binding unit; and creating an IT infrastructure and software development team for supporting the digital content that will supplement the Lessons.

The Lessons will be offered at significantly discounted prices so that students and people from all strata of society can take advantage of these soul-liberating teachings. Your generous contributions will help us in this noble venture.

There will be several important milestones during the implementation of this project:  purchasing and installing the new equipment; finalizing content, typesetting and proof reading; developing a website for online subscription of YSS Lessons, and a members-only portal for audio, video, and written content that will supplement the Lessons: finally, the printing and distribution of the Lessons. We will share updates with you on the progress of the project as we reach each of these milestones. You can also view them on our website:

Please know that we are deeply grateful for whatever you are able to contribute to this cause. A gift of any amount sincerely offered with love and devotion becomes in God’s hand an instrument of divine love and light and blessing to uplift other souls. The part you play individually through your material support and prayers is vital, for it is through the cooperation of us all — householders and monastics alike — that this life-changing work of God and Gurus will continue to flourish throughout the world.

May God and Gurus bless us all!

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