“Rediscovering Your Higher Self” by Swami Govindananda Giri

April 19, 2020

In this satsanga conducted at the Self-Realization Fellowship Hollywood Temple on January 12, 2020, SRF sannyasi Swami Govindananda explores the teaching of Paramahansa Yogananda on “Rediscovering Your Higher Self.”

In his talk, Swami Govindananda explains how we can use Kriya Yoga meditation and the power of affirmation to uncover the hidden soul nature that resides in every human being and quotes these words of Paramahansaji: “Material remedies—medicines, physical comforts, human consolation—have their place in helping to remove pain, but the greatest remedy is the practice of Kriya Yoga and the affirmation that you are one with God. This is the cure-all for every trouble, pain, and bereavement—the way to freedom from all individual and mass karma.”

Swami Govindananda Giri talks
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