“Removing Mental Ruts With New Ways of Living” by Swami Vishwananda Giri

January 28, 2023

In this inspirational talk, Self-Realization Fellowship sannyasi Swami Vishwananda Giri shares wisdom from Paramahansa Yogananda on the science of ridding ourselves of negative habits and developing positive habits. Paramahansaji brought to the world, Swami Vishwananda points out, not only a way of understanding the purpose of life but a method by which we can achieve that divine purpose — raising our consciousness above the dualities of life so we can overcome all inner and outer obstacles on the spiritual path. This talk was recorded at the SRF World Convocation in Los Angeles, California on August 7, 2009. Swami Vishwananda became vice president of SRF in 2021.

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