“The Yoga Sadhana That Brings God’s Love and Bliss” by Sri Mrinalini Mata

September 24, 2022

This talk was given in 1977, at the close of a four-month visit to Yogoda Satsanga Society of India by Sri Sri Mrinalini Mata, fourth president of YSS/SRF. Mrinalini Mata speaks lovingly of the blessed Guru-given sadhana (spiritual path) that, if we but practise it, will reveal the beautiful, all-satisfying divine love and joy that is hidden within us, and which manifests in our lives as we pursue our own Self-realization. 

Topics include: 

  • How the Divine is trying to pull us back to Him through His great love
  • In-depth discussion of Patanjali’s eight-fold yogic path
  • Following the Guru’s sadhana and making it “our own”
  • The one prayer that should be in every heart 
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