Message From Sri Sri Mrinalini Mata Regarding The Tragic Floods In India

Dear Ones,

July 22, 2013

The prayers and deep compassion and loving thoughts of all of us in the ashrams of Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda have overspread our beloved Mother India and her children ever since the tragic event of what has come to be known as the “Himalayan Tsunami.” The magnitude of this disaster cannot be expressed in mere words, but our hearts go out to all who are affected.

For those dear children of Mother India who were so abruptly snatched from their mortal bodies, we feel comfort only in knowing that they are now at great peace in Spirit. In those holy environs sanctified for ages by God’s avatars, saints, and devotees, the vibrations of their divine communion with Him in samadhi meditation constantly remind the residents and all who go there on pilgrimage that they have come for the blessings of yatra, which turn their thoughts repeatedly to God with deep devotion and faith. Those whose earthly lives were abruptly ended by this event while in that devotional vibration had already opened the doors of their consciousness, which eased their transit from mortal darkness into the land of light and peace. In mere moments of cosmic time, they were awakened from a nightmare of delusion into awareness of the peace that surpasseth all understanding, of Spirit enfolding them in a compassionate calm and love.

But our deep prayers continue to reach out to the survivors, who are now coping with the pain of loss of loved ones and of their homes and livelihoods. We pray that well­ wishers in India and around the world help to give them support and all necessary means for recovery, an effort which Gurudeva’s society has joined. We especially pray that God bless them with courage, strength, and faith that the nightmare for them also will be banished by divine awakening. The tragedies of the battle between light and darkness, good and evil, that are part of this imperfect material creation often left deep wounds on the compassionate heart of our divine Gurudeva, and I know that his help and blessings continue from Omnipresence. He spent his life interceding with Divine Mother for Her love and blessings to surround and permeate the lives of Her children and to help them in times of need. He knew and felt in his own being the reality of their suffering, which afflicts all who have yet to free themselves from the bonds of maya.

At the same time he reminded us, “Always remember this earth is not our home. Our home is in God.” Your life will be visited with too many terrors which you will not understand if you look to this world for fulfillment and peace. Rather, through deep spiritual effort in meditation, become so anchored in God that you will be able to “stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds” if tragedies are to become a part of your dream of mortal life. The Lord reminds us: “Become anchored in That which is changeless.” “That” is the unfailing love of God, and the Lord’s omnipresence that is never more than a thought away from His children. He is ever eager to bless us with His love, security, and the sweetest of glimpses of His never-failing divine care.

In our daily meditations, we continue to remember all who are suffering in this tumultuous world, that they may find refuge, peace, and healing in the One who has watched over us for incarnations, and who yearns to see us awaken from the dream of delusion into the light of His enfolding Presence.

In God and Gurudeva’s love and unceasing blessings.

Sri Sri Mrinalini Mata

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