Special Message From Sri Daya Mata on the Earthquake in Haiti

January 2010

Dear Ones,

Ever since we learned of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, all of us in Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda’s ashrams have been deeply praying for those affected, as have the members of our Worldwide Prayer Circle, and we encourage you to join us in this ongoing effort. It is heartbreaking to see the suffering that the people of Haiti are experiencing, and our continued help will be much needed as they cope with the aftermath of this tragedy. They will require not only material resources to rebuild their lives, but also the spiritual support of our prayers to gain the courage and resilience to rise above the difficulties they face. Gurudeva urged us never to underestimate the power of prayer to uplift those in need — to strengthen them in their efforts to heal physically and emotionally, and to heighten their receptivity to God’s ever-present help.

Catastrophes such as this remind us of the ever-uncertain nature of life, and the question so many are asking is, “Why would God allow this to happen?” With our human intellect we cannot find an answer that fully satisfies us because our perspective is too limited. We see only a tiny segment of the panorama of creation; God alone sees the whole and knows the deepest purpose of all our experiences. At those times when it is difficult for the mind to understand and for the heart to accept what has happened, we especially need to turn to Him, who is our greatest refuge and source of comfort in this turbulent world. If we refuse to give in to fear or discouragement, even when situations test our faith in Him, we are able to attune ourselves with His boundless love, which can lift us above all trials. Ultimately, He will help us to realize that, in reality, we are not this fragile physical form but the indestructible soul — that we have within us the resources to overcome every challenge, if we keep anchored in Him who holds our lives in His care.

As God’s children, we belong to one vast family of humanity, and we each have a responsibility to help alleviate the hurts of this world, for it is our cumulative thoughts and actions that influence for good or ill our own destiny and that of others. Often we do not realize how much we can do to mitigate the impact of difficult circumstances by our every act of selflessness and caring. The outpouring of empathy and loving concern for the people of Haiti testifies to the Divine Power that is ever at work through compassionate hearts to heal and bring solace to those in need. Let us resolve to be givers of God’s light and love wherever He has placed us, and to offer our continued support and prayers for suffering souls everywhere. Through our positive thoughts and actions, we can unite our will with the omnipotent will of God and feel the great love in which He shelters us all.

God love and bless you,

Sri Daya Mata

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